Durban, South Africa, 9 - 12 June, 2020

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Every day, across the African continent, women strive to develop and maintain sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. They run small businesses, secure microloans to start new businesses, and engage in all types of activities to put food on their tables, send their children to school, and pay for healthcare. It is a well-known fact that despite the sometimes male-dominated nature of many African societies, women play a strong role in helping their families stay out of poverty. They often represent a steady and reliable source of income for their households.

As Africa faces the next decade, full of economic potential and promise, the role of the African woman will become even more crucial to achieve robust economic growth and drive access to universal health and education for people across the continent. Economic and social prosperity cannot be attained if African women are left behind. It is therefore essential to immediately harness their power, intelligence, energy, and skills to lead the continent into the next decade and set it on par with other thriving economies around the world.

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