Durban, South Africa, 9 - 12 June, 2020

The Largest Gathering
of Women and Girls in Africa

Empowering Women and Girls IN AFRICA

The Women and Girls Summit (WAGS), which will take place at the International Conference Centre, Durban, South Africa from June 9-12, 2020, aims to prepare women of today and tomorrow to take on key leadership roles in all areas and across all industries to ensure that Africa realizes its full potential. The summit will offer unique opportunities for participants to network with leaders and key influencers from across the world. It will provide a platform for dialogue and knowledge-sharing and will serve as the birth place for initiatives and institutions that will address the many challenges of women and girls in Africa.

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Last summit

Thanks to our incredible staff and volunteers, more than 1600 participants came together at the last summit in Abuja, Nigeria in 2014. The next summit in Durban, South Africa will take place at the Durban International Conference Center in 2020. Lend your support as we prepare to build a better future for Africa, and for us all.


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